Amuse Me Shop

O n c e u p o n a t i m e
a mother sat nursing her baby on a bench. The curious babe, having had enough of being kept in the dark, tossed her nursing cover aside exposing her mother's bare chest for all to see. The babe was my daughter and the mother was me. 
She was a curious babe who didn’t like being covered while nursing. I kept thinking if it were more interesting under the cover she would be willing to stay put. The question became how best to keep her amused? Aha! The answer was to design a cover with beautiful hand tied bows on the inside to amuse her. (Are you seeing it yet?) Thus the amusement nursing cover was born. And my daughter? She was very content with my solution and I was happy to not worry about accidental flashings.

The shop has grown to include garments and aprons but it all began with a small problem needing an ‘amusing’ solution.

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