It all started with some innocent indecent exposure...

O n c e u p o n a t i m e
a mother sat nursing her baby on a bench. The curious babe, having had enough of being kept in the dark, tossed her nursing cover aside exposing her mother's bare chest for all to see. The babe was my daughter and the mother was me. So, in an effort to keep her happy being covered and to maintain my modesty, I created the Amuse Me nursing cover. ( A reversible cover with ribbons attached to the interior layer designed to give baby a colorful pattern to look at and curious fingers amused, while staying covered.

M y c r e a t i v e p r o c e s s
Originally born out of simple necessity, Amuse Me Shop goes beyond trends. I love working with color and pattern and soft organic cottons are my preference. I like the way they wear over time and the clothes almost look better broken in.

Children grow quickly so I wanted clothes to do double duty. A dress becomes a shirt, full length pantaloons become knickers then shorts or even bloomers. Several items are reversible, offering a choice in garment color. The clothes are comfortable and durable and made to live a long life as your child does what they do best.

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